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Automatic T-Shirt Screen Printer

We are proud to introduce our newest printer. The Workhorse Sabre Series, 6 Station Automatic T-Shirt Screen Printer.

The Sabre Series line of automatic presses has revolutionized screen printing with its integration of touch screen control, Workhorse OS, high-quality design, electric indexing and electric print heads. The hardest working, most comprehensive and feature rich Sabre press is the best that Workhorse has to offer.  Combining electric indexing and AC print heads, the Sabre is class leading with its long list of features and Workhorse OS innovations.

More information about our T-Shirt Printing

With the addition of this new printing press our quality per print, and quantity per print has dramatically improved. We are now able to meet higher quantity T-Shirt jobs, while maintaining near perfect registration during production. Because the speed of printing & quality per piece have greatly improved we passed these production savings to our customers.

Here is a quick video from the manufacturer

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