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Manual t-shirt printing press

Manual T-Shirt Printing

iSignShop wanted to share with you more information about our T-Shirt Printing capabilities. We currently have 3-Methods of printing capabilities to use for your custom printed t-shirts.

  • Automatic Screen Printed T-Shirts
  • Manual Screen Printed T-Shirts
  • Vinyl Heat Press Printed T-Shirts
More information about our T-Shirt Printing

Manual Screen Printed T-Shirts

In this post we wanted to share the purpose of having our manual screen printer, its features, and best uses.

Manual Screen Printing uses the same processes that our Automatic press uses. The key benefits of using the Manual press for printing t-shirts are: lower minimums, simpler set-up’s, tear-downs, and user control (Pressure applying ink).

When printing lower quantity runs of T-Shirts, 24 – 72 pieces some customers art design will benefit by using a manual press. This ensures each print applied by the operator has the look, color, feel and texture they wanted for their t-shirt. With any manual process some variations can occur, especially over longer runs. The simpler set up and tear down allows production savings to be passed to the customer in price savings.

Post production T-Shirt prints

A huge advantage with printing T-Shirts with iSignShop is that screens are saved for a minimum of 2-weeks. So repeat orders for short runs that may have been set up on our automatic can now be reprocessed prior to reclaiming the screen. So if someone wants  to order another shirt 5 days after your order was completed, call us and we are happy to run another batch of t-shirts. We typically run plastisol inks, so the ink will not dry until processed in our heat tunnel so the additional shirt ink will not be different from the original production.

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