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T-Shirt Printing in Jacksonville Texas

Custom Printed T-Shirts by iSignShop. Showroom at Jacksonville features brands you know and love like Gildan, Bella Canvas, C2 Sport, High 5, and many more. Visit us today for all our great options.

Custom Printed T-Shirts

We offer a complete line of printing capabilities for your personal, advertising, branding and business needs. Currently we offer three methods for printing on T-Shirts

  1. Heat pressed single color vinyl
  2. Heat press printed on vinyl
  3. Screen Printing

Each has unique benefits that are sure to accommodate your needs. Based on the quantities to be printed, color schemes, and your spending budget we can recommend a printing type that will surpass your expectations. We also offer a full packaging line that can assist you for your distribution needs.

Heat pressed T-Shirt Printing options

Heat pressed options both vinyl and printed vinyl are typically used for smaller quantity orders such as:T-Shirt with Heat Pressed Vinyl

  • Team Sports Groups
  • Small Family Gathering
  • Unique Projects of less than 15 pieces
  • Naming or personalizing uniforms
  • Specialty Transfer Materials like (Glitter & Holographic)

In most cases customers that want a single shirt printed with a design will choose to have their garment Heat Pressed printed, to save on overall costs.

Heat Pressing Pricing & Minimums

There really is no minimum for Colored Vinyl Pressed Shirts when we use our single color vinyl. Typically we charge for the first color on one location, each additional color receives a discount off the initial price. Prices are based on 12-sqin size prints.

  • One color Logo printed only on the front Right Chest $8.00
  • Two color Logo printed only on the front Right Chest $8.00 + $4.00 = $12.00
  • Two color Logo printed on Back and Front $8.00 + $4.00 + $7.50 + $3.50 = $23.00

Price show does not include garment or substrate that is being printed on.

We do have a minimum of $50.00 for Printed Heat Pressed Vinyl orders. These are usually unique and require couture cutting, each design will require us to quote prior to printing.

Production Time

Our company’s vision is to strive to be both fast and accurate. Once the designs are approved we usually will process the vinyl, and weed the first days. In most cases we are heat pressing the on the 3rd day, and will let the print cure “Finish” for 24 hours before calling our customer. Typically we can have most t-shirt orders finished within 3-5 business days. We will always provide an estimated finish date for all our projects, in most cases we complete project earlier than expected.

Screen Printed T-Shirts

Screen printing T-Shirts are perfect for customers that would like multiple colors, or higher minimums as the cost per print is dramatically reduced. Examples include:screen printed t shirt

  • Company T-Shirts
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Give-a-ways

In most cases customers requiring a larger quantity of shirts will greatly benefit from screen printing costs.

Screen Printing Pricing & Minimums

Our printing formula is very simple, we charge by the color, and the location. We do offer greater discounts for multiple quantities, added locations, and additional colors. Typically customers will utilize our screen printing when their quantities are 24 t-shirts and higher. Because we utilize both a manual and automatic printing equipment, our production capacity can be in the low 20’s to our peak run of 1000’s per day. Both our screen printers utilize 6 print heads, allowing us to print up to 6 colors on one t-shirt.

It is important to note, when we quote customers our screen printed t-shirts we are quoting them a finished price. We will include the Screen Set-up fees, and other printing fees that other print shops will tag on at the bottom of the receipt.

Printing on Gildan G800

We do have a minimum of 24 shirt prints when setting up our screen printed t-shirts.

Production Time

Typically production times will take a minimum of 3-5 business days. We utilize some of today’s best technology and practices for imaging screens. Once your design(s) are approved we will burn your screens within 1-2 business days. Typically we will load the media and start printing within the following day and run quality control samples to ensure proper setup and registration. Once the shirts are printed we will package accordingly and call our customers when they are finished. Our manual printing equipment can process up to 500 strokes per day, our automatic and process up to 4000 strokes per day.


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