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Yard Signs Screen Printed 18″ x 24″

Screen printed 18″ x 24″ Yard Signs for your Business, Events, Services & Location. We offer many solutions that will fit any budget. We offer many options to choose from that will personalize your message and direct potential customers to you. Displaying these signs in front of your business to communicate new products, and sales will drive customers to you. Screen printing these yard signs will ensure a maximum life expectancy while keeping your budget from busting the bank.

Yard Sign Sizes

We have the capability to print up to a 4 ft x 8 ft single panel at a time. We can combine these prints to create signage for any size need. Our most popular size yard sign is a 18 in x 24 in yard sign. 18″ x 24″ yard signs are commonly used for businesses, service awareness, and political candidates running for office. They are typically displayed near roadways, in front of businesses, and in the front yards of homes.

Pricing for Yard Signs

Kenneth Cain 18x24 Yard Sign

Board Color: White 4mm Corrugated Plastic Sign
Sign was printed on both sides

We believe in the KISS approach to pricing all of our products, our price includes:

  • printing on both the front and back
  • proper packaging for long term storage
  • ground wire stakes
  • stock clipart and text setting design
  • 1 proof and 1 revision
  • Texas sales tax

18x24 Both Sides (price per each)

1 Color$10$7$5
2 Color$15$12$7

Printing Yard Signs

In most cases our clients are looking for single and/or two color printing options. We can accommodate up to 6 colors, for an added fee per color. We only use UV curing inks that maximize the ink color opacity while providing faster turnarounds because the ink cures instantaneously after running under the UV Lamp. Because our process of printing these types of yard signs are so efficient, we decided to include print both sides in our sign pricing.

We can print on a single side of your yard sign upon request by customer.

Superior Printing Equipment

18x24 Yard Sign for Seth Handley

Board Color: White 4mm Corrugated Plastic Sign
Sign was printed on both sides

We are able to maintain national competitive pricing rates because our equipment is efficient. We recently purchased an A.W.T. World Trade Inc. Accuprint High-Tech Micro Flat-Bed Printer. This new printing press can process up to 1000 prints per hour. The maximum print area is 25″ x 38″ which is perfect when printing the 18″ x 24″ Yard Signs. This printer features a vacuum table that will hold a substrate (board) of up to 1 inch thick. The printing press also features a Super 3-point micro registration system that assures accurate multi-color registration repeat-ability.

Additionally we only use Aluminum Screen printing frames that can be purchased for repeat buyers saving then setup and screen burning costs and time.

As mentioned above we utilize UV Inks so our drying time is instantaneous. Because the sign drys immediately after printing, this means your job will deliver ahead of schedule.

Yard Sign Materials

Wallace campaign Sign 18x24

Board Color: White 4mm Corrugated Plastic Sign
Sign was printed on both sides

We use 4mm corrugated plastic sheets. We process so many 18″ x 24″ Yard Signs we have them pre cut to the proper length and width from the mill. We currently keep white, blue, and yellow on hand for everyday use. We can custom order just about any color and have delivered to us in a few business days.

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