Sublimation Prints


DyeTrans Multi-Purpose SPP Cut Sheet

DyeTrans general purpose sublimation paper works on everything except textured glass cutting boards, coasters and textured-faced clocks. This paper is recommended primarily for hard things such as FRP, hardboard and metal. This is a good paper for start-ups as this frees the newcomer of trying to remember which paper to use. DyeTrans Multi-Purpose is cheaper and more forgiving in offering wide dwell time windows and helping to prevent ghosting. DyeTrans Multi Purpose papers are also available in mug wrap sizes, a great way to eliminate production time and paper waste.

DyeTrans™ Multi-Purpose Ink Jet Sublimation Printing Paper, 8.5" x 11", (31#), 100 Sheets/Pack. 

Use instead of TruePix Classic, Media Street, QCPro or AccuPlot. Suitable for all substrates except acrylic. For acrylic use TexPrint™ or TexPrint-R

High grade sublimation paper that produces excellent results for most any applications: shirts, mugs, tiles, plastic, metals, wood plaques and more. Engineered to produce maximum color results with full image release for maximum color saturation. This paper has a special finish on the surface so the sublimation inks do not saturate into the surface of the paper and when applied to the product they produce consistent imaging results with full image release. This paper is for use with sublimation inks only.

Print Colors:
DyTrans Multi-Purpose